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Finance Director Support

Love them or hate them Finance Directors should play a critical role in your business's development. Not only should they tell you what profit you are making, they should also advise you as to what needs to be, or can be done to improve your profitability. Lindhope Consultants can provide you with this support either on an interim basis or on a part-time basis, thus giving you control of your costs whilst giving you access to a valuable source of experience and knowledge.

Part-Time Finance Director Services
Many SME's do not need (and certainly cannot justify having) a full time FD level resource on their staff. As a result they miss out on the opportunity to link in with a wealth of experience and advice that an FD can provide . At Lindhope we recognise that businesses are much more likely to get support from financial institutions such as banks and other types of lenders if they have a professionally qualified accountant on board. As such we offer the cost effective option of providing a part-time FD to support you whenever it suits you.  


Budgeting and Business Forecasting

Most businesses measure their performance against prior year figures and against a target or budget they have set for the coming or current year. Lindhope can help you develop realistic budgets and can also help you put together realistic forward looking forecasts. These can be useful tools for managing your business but are also likely to be required if you want to secure funding  from financial institutions like banks or equity providers.


Interim Finance Director Services

If for any reason you have a short term requirement for senior financial support we will try to help. Whether it is due to illness or career progression Lindhope can help you plug the gap and keep your business moving. Our hourly or daily rates are excellent and may leave you pleasantly surprised. Call us for a confidential discussion and let us see if we can help.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is perhaps the most important process you can go through.Some people review strategic plans on an ongoing basis some formalise the process to an annual, 2 year or 5 year event. Lindhope can help you add numbers to your thought process. Whilst every company is different we have business models set up to allow you to see the effects of your plans and variations on it.

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