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Depending on their needs we offer our clients both the option of an  hourly rate or a fixed  fee based service. This will always be agreed before we start work and if we find that for any reason there is more work required to finish your project we will discuss the options available to you before we continue.


The fixed fee based service will be clearly defined and tailored to suit the specific needs of your business.


The option of an hourly rate is often more attactive to businesses where projects are difficult to define. However we would always provide you with an estimate of the cost and time involved prior to commencement.


Some of the services we offer are detailed below:


  • Interim or Part Time FD Support.

  • Management accounting services.

  • Advice on Statutory Returns.

  • VAT Return completion. 

  • Business Start Up support.

  • Raising finance.

  • Preparation of Grant Applications.



Please call us on 07980-562240 or 01620 -895697 if you would like a free initial consultation or to discuss a quote.

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